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Super fast, Highly Recommended. Thank you. safe
2021-01-22, 12-28-34 PST
Shiro Kim
I've been using this service for 3 years and they don't change. "Fast and safe".
2020-12-10, 01-33-09 PST
Brooklyn Henley
Good service, but I wish in your pricing/currency you had the option for NZD as well :c
2020-09-11, 12-41-37 PST
cousin ivory
bro guy man lol, they were so fast, in and out ez
2020-09-02, 07-36-22 PST
Ava Viet
10/10. Recieved gil quick and easy would definitely recommend :D
2020-09-01, 05-41-54 PST
Lunar Riv
Really quick delivery, skeptical at first but these guys are one of the very few who still do paypal! Will come back again!
2020-08-27, 21-21-23 PST
Of the multiple times I've used their service, I don't have much to complain about. There was a single time that they didn't use my preferred delivery method and instead insisted on f2f.
2020-08-27, 06-53-02 PST
Mythril Heart
Awesome service, was delivered literally within 5 minutes of payment confirmation. Will definitely use it again in the future.
2020-08-16, 04-58-41 PST
Ich sags mal so, bei FF14 ausprobiert, kleinste Summe, hat nach 10 min funktioniert. Bin sehr überrascht. Würds wieder machen.
2020-05-30, 05-04-53 PST
This was my first time buying Gil. Service was really fast, they got in contact with me in under 10 minutes. I do feel dirty but would definitely recommend this website.
2020-05-21, 13-18-56 PST
/ 15