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    Vince D
    Made payment on website and was contacted in-game in less than 2 minutes! Their service is the fastest I have ever seen. Face-to-Face transfer was quick & secure. I will definitely use them again when I need currency in an MMO or game they service. I am VERY happy with the service I received and will let other people know to shop at 4KGOLD. They even provided me with a discount code and I've reached VIP level 3. The VIP discounts stack with their coupon codes and the person who delivered my Gil to me threw in an extra 1.6 million at no extra charge. This company is FANTASTIC and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!
    2019-09-29, 01-23-23 PST
    Literally had my order completed within 3 minutes! This gold seller is insanely good!
    2019-09-13, 10-44-12 PST
    M Brown
    Very fast service, awesome prices. I placed my order at 17:46, and at 17:52 I received my order. This is, by far, the best gold seller I've used in all my years of MMOs.
    2019-08-12, 06-55-53 PST
    Worked for me, no issues.
    2019-07-24, 05-34-05 PST
    Michelle McAlister
    services was grate would go with them again
    2019-07-09, 15-25-07 PST
    M Brown
    Excellent service and great prices on my server. I paid and literally less than 5 minutes later I was contacted in game for directions for the face to face meeting. Very happy with this website, and I will use you guys again in the future.
    2019-07-09, 14-42-43 PST
    Lulu Ramirez
    I was sceptical at first and very nervous as i put in my order, took 2 minutes before my Gil was delivered. Needless to say i'm very satisfied, 10/10 I will be using this service again in the future. Don't be afraid to try this out.
    2019-06-27, 00-50-44 PST
    Christopher Roberts
    Service was Super fast and less than 5 minutes. Support is super nice and kind. Very Satisfied and Recommend it 100%.
    2019-06-17, 07-43-12 PST
    Fast delivery, service is awesome !
    2019-06-09, 08-11-07 PST
    Princess Sparkles
    The delivery was way faster than i expected! Fantastic service :) ♥
    2019-05-17, 05-31-30 PST
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