FF14 patch 5.4 coming on Dec. 8 with next raid tier

FF14: Shadowbringers’ patch 5.4 is coming on Dec. 8, complete with a new raid tier and other new content to do.

The trailer showcases multiple storylines that are occurring in the game. As part of the Main Scenario Quests, the gang is back from The First and they’re focusing on the Garlean Empire again. Meanwhile, in The Sorrow of Werlyt side quests, it seems that the Garlean Empire is unhappy with the players’ meddling and is setting us off against Emerald Weapon. (Yes, the thing from Final Fantasy 7. It is a purposeful crossover!)

All of this is happening while the Eden raid storyline continues back on The First, where Ryne and Gaia are finishing things up. Emerald Weapon is not the only crossover boss fight Square Enix is pitting us up against this patch, as we’ll have to fight FF 3’s Cloud of Darkness for this raid tier. Final Fantasy 3 elements like Cloud of Darkness and The Crystal Tower have had integral story for Final Fantasy 14, but this is the first time we’re seeing her in her Final Fantasy Dissidia look.